Cigars In The Raw

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These are not for the novice cigar smoker!

These are for the massive cigar nerds (like us) who want to get under the hook of cigar making and take their tobacco knowledge to the next level!

Cigars In The Raw is a step beyond Blending Sessions. These are the cigars before they get a wrapper--ONLY BINDER AND FILLER!

Cigars In The Raw allows you get behind the curtain and taste the tobaccos that make up 99% of a cigar, but are hidden away under the wrapper leaf. These are the guts of the cigar--the unsung heroes--that give a blend it's complexity, balance, and body.

You can smoke and enjoy these as is, or mix and match wrapper leaves from other cigars. If you've got the skills to roll them on! 

Please Note: These smoke like unfinished cigars. They are bunched and pressed tobacco leaves. They can burn crooked and funky. They can expand and not stay lit easily. You may even have to stick them in your pipe and smoke 'em. 

Every order of Cigars In The Raw will be different. It will be ever evolving based on what we are working on in the warehouse.  

If you're that guy that wants the next experience in the cigar smoking journey, Cigars In The Raw is for you! Enjoy!

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