Green Army Men

$ 59.95

After a year of resting in the aging rooms at EZHQ, Green Army Men is finally here!

Green Army Men is a Nicaraguan puro! It's wrapped in a vintage Criollo wrapper draped over a blend of rare tobaccos from Jalapa and the island of Ometepe (in Lake Nicaragua).

First light is a blast of whipped cream and tanned leather; followed quickly by hints of cashews, milk chocolate, and licorice. The retrohale is a mix of cinnamon bark and ancho chilies. 

An inch in, big bold caramel waves begin to rush over the palate. A warm pepper and cedar note grow with each puff, rounding out and balancing the blend beautifully. 

Halfway, vanilla bean and taffy emerges. The Ometepe tobacco make this cigar very "Cuban" tasting. The blend is so smooth. The finish is long and clean on the tongue. 

The last third, roasted coffee beans, hickory, and champagne hops are added to the mix. The "barnyard" notes (that we love so much) splash the flavors on the finish. Phenomenal smoke!

Green Army Men tastes so much like a quality $40 Cuban cigar that it's freaky! The extra aging of this blend has taken these tobaccos to the next level. So much so that we are even shaking our heads in amazement! 

Green Army Men will be SOLD OUT fast! Believe me! Whatever you have in mind to're going to want to get even more! Do your palate a favor and GETCHA SOME!

Total production: 730 // Shipping begins immediately!

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