Second Amendment

$ 59.95

As sportsmen and Texans...we cherish our right to keep and bear arms!

We've even been known to do some target shooting while working on blends. It heightens the senses and is, frankly, a lot more fun.

That's exactly how the Second Amendment blend was created! 

Second Amendment is made from tobaccos from 2007-2010 vintages. It's a full-bodied, medium strength 6x52 toro wrapped in a San Andres maduro leaf. Fillers are a little of this and a little of that. 

First light blasts across the palate with oak wood, hickory, and dark chocolate. Big leather notes with hints of licorice and clove follow. The retrohale adds a gorgeous warm pepper to the mix.

After an inch, the age of the tobacco becomes very apparent. The character is ultra-smooth adding flavors of coffee bean, porter beer, and cream. 

Halfway, and the ash is still holding on! The body and strength of the cigar ticks up a notch. Lucious flavors of toasted hazelnut and brown sugar emerge.

Last third is legendary. Every aspect of the cigar elevates! An additional note of red pepper joins the already uber-complex blend. The flavor of aged tobaccos really shines throughout...but especially in the final third! Mind Blown! 

Second Amendment is a blend for the mature cigar smoker. It's balance and complexity are completely off the charts!

Second Amendment is going to be SOLD OUT very fast! We say it every time, but we get inundated with emails from folks who miss these releases. Apologies to those who do miss it. Don't let that be you! Getcha Some NOW!

Total Production: 555

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