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This cigar is 6 years in the making!

Story Time! ...6 years ago in Aug 2012, a small boutique company no one had ever heard of set up their tiny booth in the "new brands" section at the IPCPR trade show. Armed with only one cigar named "Inception" we set out with no experience, no slick sales-pitch and just let the tobacco do the talking.

It's been a life-changing journey every since. We've gone to some amazing places and met some of the greatest people you'd ever have the privilege to know. Best of all, we get to share our passion for cigars with people from all over the world. It's amazing!

To celebrate a journey that epic....we had to make a cigar that epic! The 6 Year Anniversary Blend!

6 Year Anniversary is such a phenomenal cigar, you're gonna tell your grandkids about it!

The 6 Year Anniversary is a full-bodied, med/full strength toro. Tobaccos used are all aged from 7-10 years and come from small farms in Nicaragua and Indonesia. And they are probably the tastiest tobaccos you could ever set fire to!

First light explodes with rich flavors! Caramel, heavy cream, Spanish cedar, and espresso rush across the palate. The finish is long adding notes of cocoa and cashew. Retohale is very strong adding a dark jalapeño burn.

As it progresses, more sweet chocolate notes emerge. These are complimented by blasts of cinnamon and hazelnut.

Halfway, the age of the tobacco is tasted more fully. Beautiful leathery notes come to the fore. Hints of sweet tea, black peppercorn, and whiskey barrel emerge. 

Last third, everything goes next level! Intense flavors of heavy cream, dark chocolate, and vanilla are added to the mix. The cigar stays cool until the very end with a perfect burn line and phenomenal construction! 

The 6 Year Anniversary is a monumental cigar! The complexity and flavors are completely exquisite!

6 Year Anniversary will be SOLD OUT fast! I'm telling you as a friend...Do not miss this cigar! And I'll also tell you as a friend that you need to buy double what you thought because you'll wish you had more!

Getcha Some!

Total Production: 725

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