ALL MY EX’S—The Lost Blend

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This cigar is *literally* a miracle!

(UPDATE: We were able to make a VERY SMALL BATCH of ALL MY EX’S—The Lost Blend! Instead of hoarding theses in our private stash, we wanted to share them with you! After all, the world is a crazy place…and we need to share the love!)

Backstory…We were in Nicaragua many years ago working on the “All My Ex’s” blend. We’d been working day and night on this project—until late into the wee hours of the morning we finally arrived at perfection! In our exhausted state…we quickly congratulated each other, left all the tobaccos on the blending table—along with the paper with the final blend written down and headed back to crash at our hotel.

When we returned in the morning—to our surprise—the room had been cleaned, the tobaccos and all of our notes were gone. (When you blend as much as we do you can’t remember anything in your head.) We searched and searched but couldn’t find the final blend recipe with the exact ratios, primings, and varitals for the All My Ex’s blend.

(So the All My Ex’s blend release in 2015 was as close as we could get from memory this original blend.)

Fast forward to last year…a buddy of ours from the factory had found our original blend recipe paper in a box of tobaccos and text us a picture. It had fallen in between the box and the plastic bag containing the tobacco…and had been forgotten about for years!

So now, my friend, here is your chance to smoke a piece of literal Ezra Zion history-in-the-making—All My EX’s The Lost Blend!

I just gotta tell ya...the complexity of flavors in the ALL MY EX’S The Lost Blend are monumental! Seriously...it's even hard to describe some of the notes that we've detected in this phenomenal cigar!

In fact, the members of our “super-secret” tasting panel have all told us that ALL MY EX’S The Lost Blend is one of the best cigars they have ever smoked! (Some of them have been smoking for several decades and never had a cigar like it!)  

ALL MY EX’S The Lost Blend is a full-bodied, med/full-strength 7x38 lancero. The wrapper is a flawless 9-year-aged Colorado leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret...but all tobaccos are 5-11 years aged!

First light is a HUGE blast of flavor! Brown sugar, caramel, cinnamon stick, and red pepper rush across the palate. Candied almonds, heavy cream, and woodsy notes of whiskey barrel immediately follow. The finish is long adding raw sugar and leather. The retrohale adds a warm pepper burn. 

As it progresses, espresso beans, maple, and black peppercorn appear. A wave of vanilla bean immediately follows giving a lingering creamy sweetness.

Halfway, the flavors get even more rich and intense! Milk chocolate, melted butter, and aged leather join the mix. The vintage tobacco notes start to shine through beautifully. Cocoa powder, cloves, and white cake. Phenomenal!

Last third, everything crescendos! Huge flavors of dark chocolate, macadamia nuts, and cayenne pepper. Sweet tea, hazelnuts, and licorice emerge adding to the extremely complex bouquet of flavors! Absolutely incredible!

We consider ALL MY EX’S The Lost Blend to be one of our finest achievements in cigar making! It’s the absolute perfect balance of strength, body, and flavor complexity

ALL MY EX’S The Lost Blend will be SOLD OUT extremely fast! Sincerest apologies to those who miss it! We try to let everyone know ASAP whenever there's a new release. (Make sure to join our text notifications by texting EzraZion to 817-391-9271.)

Because of the rare tobaccos used, this is an EXTREMELY LIMITED PRODUCTION! 

I'm tellin' ya...Whatever you're gonna get...triple it! YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT!

Getcha Some NOW!

Total Production: 320

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