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AXx is NOT for the faint-of-heart!

AXx is a crazed, riotous, and downright diabolical cigar. That's why we love it!

This is our favorite kind of cigar....where we go off the reservation and into the "Way-outta-sphere"...Pairing different combinations of tobaccos together that have never been tried before!

AXx is a full-bodied, full-flavored, full-strength toro wrapped in a specially fermented 6-year-aged Colorado leaf.  AXx is a unconventional blend of exotic tobaccos married up with Nicaraguan Ometepe and Esteli medio tiempo.

First light blasts across the palate with bold flavors of oak wood, red chili pepper, cocoa, and raw sugar cane. Hints of hazelnut and anise. The retrohale is strong and burns like cayenne pepper.

As it progresses, dry champagne, tanned leather, and toasted nuts emerge. Subtle notes of vanilla follow close behind, balancing the blend perfectly. The flavors are voluminous and coat the palate with a long delectable finish.

Halfway, AXx becomes even more luscious! Dark caramel flavors come to the fore along with spicy hints of coriander, clove, and cinnamon. The overall sweetness starts to taste like brown sugar. So delicious!

The last third is our favorite! Intense flavors of dark chocolate, sweet tea, exotic spices (I don't know how to describe this!), and coffee beans become dominate. The burn line is perfectly straight, and the smoke production like a freight train! The tobaccos are so oily that the finish lasts for several minutes on the palate! 

The flavors in AXx are so huge! We'd recommend pairing this with a full-bodied Bordeaux wine, black espresso, or cask strength bourbon.

AXx is gonna be SOLD OUT so fast! Believe MUST smoke this! It's a cigar like no other in the world! Hurry and Getcha Some NOW!

Total Production: 595

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