Product image 1BLESSED LEAF SHEKINAH 2023
Product image 2BLESSED LEAF SHEKINAH 2023

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The Blessed Leaf projects hold a very special place in our hearts—practically sacred!

Those who know us know that we pull out all the stops--and spare no expense--for every Blessed Leaf blend that we create!

Blessed Leaf cigar releases are a way for us to share and celebrate our faith in Christ. So they all have to be completely perfect! 

It is the absolute best of our best!

BLESSED LEAF SHEKINAH 2023 is a smooth and sophisticated cigar. I know that we Ezra boys have a reputation of making some raucous and crazy smokes...because we do! But, this cigar proves that we can clean up real good... put on our Sunday best...and make a cigar that would beat the panties off of any of those white-banded $50+ smokes!

“SHEKINAH” means the manifest glory of God.

BLESSED LEAF SHEKINAH 2023 is a full-bodied, medium-strength 5.5x48 short-toro. Wrapper is a luscious 9-year-aged Corojo 99 leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret...but they are all between 7-12 years aged

First light smoothly cascades across the palate. Rich flavors of espresso, heavy whipping cream, cane sugar, and vanilla ice cream. Hints of toasted almonds, leather, and black peppercorn follow immediately. The finish is clean adding a rich cocoa note. The retrohale brings a warm cinnamon burn. 

As it progresses, waffle cone, cedar wood, and brown sugar emerge. Additional hints of cashew, black tea, and white oak appear. 

Halfway, the blend gets even smoother and "rounder" as the age of the tobacco starts to be tasted. Very creamy butter, clove, and licorice come to the fore. White chocolate, coffee beans, custard, and maple. Absolutely phenomenal!

The last third everything intensifies and crescendos! Big blasts of dark chocolate, aged leather, frosting, and nutmeg appear. Waves of graham cracker, cardamom, cinnamon stick, and honey. The cigar stays cool and the burn is a razor's edge all the way to the lip-burning nub! Incredible cigar!  

BLESSED LEAF SHEKINAH 2023 is--in our opinion--the crown jewel of all the Blessed Leaf releases so far! Decadent and rich. Smooth and sultry. It's completely magnificent!

BLESSED LEAF SHEKINAH 2023 will be SOLD OUT very fast! Our deepest apologies to those who miss it! We always try to let everyone know ASAP whenever there's a new release. (You gotta join our text notifications by texting EzraZion to 817-391-9271.)

I gotta tell ya...it breaks our hearts that we couldn't make more of these phenomenal cigars! It's such a small batch...you need to hurry so you don't miss it!

Getcha Some NOW! 

Total Production: 485 

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