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The original Burnt Ends release was our second small batch release ever. We've only had tobacco enough to make literally a wheel or two every since. (Which we shared with yall.) It's an Ezra unicorn cigar that is coveted the world over.

As with any sequel release, our goal is always to make a better cigar than the original (Brass Knuckles, The Raven, Makin' Bacon, etc.) It's an idea that we've been criticized for as being "hype", but it's really the cigar making philosophy we started out with since our first ever release, Inception (now Jamais Vu). 

Each cigar has to be better than the one we just made. Period!

That approach has served us well over the years I'd say.

That brings me to Burnt Ends Au Naturale. A freaking masterpiece of a cigar! We re-wrote the Ezra playbook for this blend. Using tobaccos that we've never used and taking our portfolio of blends to a higher level.

Burnt Ends Au Naturale is a toro extra that's full flavored, full bodied, and medium strength. By far the smoothest and creamiest cigar we've ever done. All of the tobaccos used will remain undisclosed. 

First light is like Heaven. The huge creamy flavors awaken the palate balanced beautifully by the black pepper and spice. Big blasts of caramel, licorice, and milk chocolate follow. The finish is buttery and long. Retrohale is warm with a red pepper flake burn. 

As the burn line reaches the wrapper leaf, everything elevates! A wave of rich leather is added to the mix. The sweetness becomes like raw sugar cane. The flavors begin to mature into total decadence. Notes of butter cream, hot chocolate, and white oak become dominant. 

As it progresses, cashew, nougat, cinnamon, and Scotch flavors emerge. The finish is clean and flavorful. I notice myself smacking my lips after each puff because the flavors are just so unbelievable! 

The last third sees an intensifying of flavors. The cream gives way a bit to the spicy notes in the ligero. It smokes perfectly right down to the nub!

The smoothness and buttery character of Burnt Ends Au Naturale rivals (I'd argue surpasses) those $50+ cigars with a white band that you can get at very exclusive cigar retail establishments.

Burnt Ends Au Naturale will be SOLD OUT fast. I know we say that all the time, but after they are we get emails like crazy from people who missed them. Don't  wait! Getcha Some NOW!

Total Production: 585

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