Cigar Wars 2: Revenge of the Kyle Blend

Product image 1Cigar Wars 2: Revenge of the Kyle Blend
Product image 2Cigar Wars 2: Revenge of the Kyle Blend
Product image 3Cigar Wars 2: Revenge of the Kyle Blend

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After suffering a 1 vote defeat in the original Cigar Wars! release, Kyle vowed to come back someday and settle the score.

Well, that day has finally arrived!

Using the original KYLE Blend recipe as a starting point, Kyle entered the blending room and re-worked it for months. His goal was an updated version of the original blend, but with even better flavors and complexity. A blend to kick Chris in the junk and let everyone know what's up!

Experimenting with different primings and crop years, the blend had reached it's pinnacle and was ready to come back...for REVENGE!

Revenge of the Kyle Blend is Nicaraguan tobacco at it's finest. The absolutely beautiful (look at those pics!) vintage Corojo wrapper is striking. The only thing more spell-binding that it's golden honey color is the depth of flavor it brings to the cigar. The complexity is unreal...and that's just one leaf!

First light greets you with blast of caramel and cream. Milk chocolate coats the palate on the finish while flavors of nuts and a slight honey emerge. Size is 52x6.25 prensado. Strength is medium/full and the retrohale brings a long warm burn. 

The original description of the Kyle Blend tasting like a candy bar still applies, it's only better!

As it progresses flavors of anise, cedar, whipping cream and red pepper make an appearance. The woodsy and leathery overtones bring a flawless balance to the blend. Mouthwatering!

The last third burn cool, flavors intensify without becoming aggressive. 
Believe it or not, we receive more requests to bring back the Kyle Blend than any other cigar. People loved it! Revenge of the Kyle Blend is very limited due to one of the filler tobaccos he used...Literally only had a few pounds of it.
Revenge of the Kyle Blend will be SOLD OUT very fast. If you're lucky enough to get some make sure to post pics all over social and let everyone know who's the real winner of Cigar Wars!
Getcha some NOW!
Total Production: 665 // Shipping begins 3-16
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