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How do you make a full strength, full bodied cigar that is still smooth, complex, and balanced?

Answer: you have to tear up the "rule book", throw caution to the wind, and risk it all to get what you want. You gotta go full-blown Ezra Zion maniac mode!

The result? CLEAVER!

CLEAVER is a freaking masterpiece! Pure and simple. It's our maniac energy and mad-scientist impulses harnessed into a cigar.

CLEAVER is an eclectic blend of Peruvian, Nicaraguan, and Indonesian tobaccos wrapped in a specially processed 9-year-aged maduro wrapper.

At first light the flavors explode onto the palate. Raging notes of cayenne pepper, Spanish cedar, and Italian roast coffee kick things off. Immediately a long creamy finish develops with notes of salted butter, almonds, and cane sugar. 

The retrohale is warm and elegant. It's strong, but it's an elegant strong from all the years the tobacco has aged!

It isn't long until big chocolate notes appear in the form of 70% dark chocolate. Roasted red pepper flakes bring even more depth to the flavors. Cinnamon and all-spice blasts emerge. I swear you can taste cognac hints with each puff!

Halfway, a gentle maple syrup note compliments the mix-but more like the maple you taste in a cask strength bourbon!

The raging strength mellows beautifully into a roar, balanced perfectly by the caramel and custard that have appeared. Unbelievable!  

At the finish, the retrohale is still beautiful and strong. The CLEAVER flavors crescendo into a potent mix of strength and sweetness. The ash is snow white, the burn line is sharp and methodical. 

We smoked these last week with a friend, he said something that was amazing: "CLEAVER tastes like it's a cousin to the Brass Knuckles in spirit. Both cigars are just on another level of anything I've ever tasted!"

Like I said, CLEAVER is a freaking masterpiece! It will be SOLD OUT really fast! You better get yours now while you still can. Trust me! You'll wish you'd bought more!! Getcha some NOW!

Total Production: 690 // Shipping beings 7-3

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