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We didn’t just go crazy making CLEAVER AFTERMATH…when went completely psychotic! 

We broke all the cigar-making taboos! …Mixing the most eclectic tobaccos on Earth—with the some of the most luxurious and most coveted!

For CLEAVER AFTERMATH, we carved our own path to the cigar Promised Land. Our secret was to pair and balance the aggressive/pepper with sweet/creamy. (And about 1000 other flavors along with it!)

The result is a cigar with absolutely colossal flavors, richness, and complexity!

*Seriously, CLEAVER AFTERMATH is gonna completely overwhelm you!

CLEAVER AFTERMATH is a pet-project of ours. It took over 3 years to get this blend just right! (You know us...we're completely obsessed with making every cigar even better than the last one!)

We're extremely proud of this cigar! We think it's one of the best cigars we've ever made! (That's not hyperbole...just smoke it and you'll understand!)

CLEAVER AFTERMATH is a full-bodied, medium-strength 5.25x52 box-pressed short toro. The wrapper is a beautiful 9-year-aged Criollo 98 leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret. All tobaccos are aged between 7-11 years!

First light brings monumental flavors! Caramel, tanned leather and sweet tea rush across the palate. Immediately following are brown sugar, espresso bean and clove. The finish adds notes of red oak and vanilla. The retrohale is warming with a black pepper burn.

As it progresses, big blasts of milk chocolate and cashews emerge. Buttercream appears on the finish along with hints of all-spice and nutmeg.

Halfway, the aged of the tobacco begins to shine through! Custard, white chocolate, and raw can sugar begin to dominate. Hints of whiskey barrel, and red pepper flakes. The flavors layer on top of each other so perfectly--that you'll be smacking your lips after every puff!

The last third brings everything to a gorgeous crescendo! Huge notes of dark chocolate, dark stout beer, and red pepper emerge. The brown sugar sweetness grows. The finish is long adding whipped cream and black coffee. The burn is perfect and cigar stays cool all the way to the nub of the nub! 

CLEAVER AFTERMATH is an absolutely phenomenal cigar! Period. I'm not even gonna play coy about it. The richness and complexity of flavors are almost indescribable!

You know that CLEAVER AFTERMATH will be SOLD OUT extremely fast! Our apologies if you miss it! (Make sure to join our text notifications by texting EzraZion to 817-391-9271.) 

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