(PRE)Eminence Cigar & Coffee Sampler

(PRE)Eminence Cigar & Coffee Sampler

Ezra Zion

$ 49.99

O the Eminence Coffee blend! So rich. So complex. So delicious with an Eminence cigar! That is, if you can get your hands on one.

We want everyone to experience the euphoria that is the Eminence coffee/cigar pairing. But, alas, some folks can't get it in their area. For all of them and all of you we created (Pre)Eminence!

(Pre)Eminence utilizes the same blend as it's big brother BUT with different tobacco primings. We were inspired by what Drew Estate did with the Undercrown and the Liga Privada.

Also note, (Pre)Eminence is wrapped in the same gorgeous rustic San Andres maduro leaf. So photogenic!

The result of all this is a cigar/coffee combo that satisfies even the most discriminating of palates. (That's a nice way to say "snob". And yes, we are cigar and coffee snobs.)

Time to getcha some!

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