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Product image 2FORTUNE COOKIE 2020 Ltd.

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FORTUNE COOKIE is one of the most popular Unicorn cigars in Ezra Zion history! 

Originally released several years ago, when good folks of the Ezra Zion Nation smoked it...FORTUNE COOKIE was their new favorite! It was so sweet, creamy, "vanilla-y"...it tasted just like a Fortune Cookie!

So the bar was set pretty dang high for the next FORTUNE COOKIE release!

Never backing down from a challenge...we've spend the last few years making FORTUNE COOKIE 2020 Ltd. even better blend than the previous Fortune Cookie releases!

I’ll just come right out and say it...FORTUNE COOKIE 2020 Ltd. is unbelievably delectable! The tobaccos are even more delicious, the blend is even more finely balanced. The flavors are even more bold and complex!

FORTUNE COOKIE 2020 Ltd. is a full-bodied, medium-strength 6x46 skinny toro. The wrapper is a gorgeous Criollo 98 vintage leaf. Fillers will remain a closely guarded secret...but I can tell you that they are all between 8-11 years aged!

First light is an instant blast of brown sugar, melted butter, vanilla bean, and leather. Hints of maple syrup and white oak. The finish adds a lingering note of clove and sweet tea. The retrohale adds a warm cinnamon burn.

As it progresses more waves of creaminess are added. Cashews and cocoa appear. The cinnamon notes take on a woodsy taste and become like a cinnamon stick. The finish tastes like vanilla ice cream. Unbelievably delicious! 

Halfway, things get even more complex! Big notes of caramel develop. Hazelnut, raw sugar, whiskey, and white chocolate emerge. The age of the tobacco can be tasted. The layers of flavors are perfectly balanced. (I don't think you'll want to pair this with anything. The finish is so phenomenal!)

The last third is unreal! (I'll do my best to describe it, but you're just gonna have to smoke it to understand.) Fresh-brewed coffee mixed with heavy whipping cream. Immediately following are walnut, horchata, toffee and just a hint of cayenne pepper. You will be smacking your lips after every puff! The burn is perfect and cool all the way to the lip-burning nub! 

FORTUNE COOKIE 2020 Ltd. is absolutely magnificent! The flavors continue throughout to layer and layer over each other. The complexity is off the charts! You will literally get up outta your chair after smoking it...and give it a standing ovation!

FORTUNE COOKIE 2020 Ltd. will be SOLD OUT extremely fast! You know it and I know it! Apologies to those who miss it! (As always, make sure you join our text notifications by texting EzraZion to 31996. That way you know whenever there's a new cigar release!)

Believe me, do whatever is humanly possible to get your FORTUNE COOKIE 2020 Ltd.! 

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