Fried Apple Pie

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Ezra is known for it's bold aggressive cigars. We love em. You love em.

But every rock band needs a good ballad every once in a while. Something that showcases the smoother side of your repertoire.

For Ezra, it's Fried Apple Pie!

To accomplish this feat, we didn't use a bunch of wimpy tobacco...perish the thought! Instead, we went back in time (not literally) to the absolute oldest tobaccos we had ever heard of. The stuff that had been smoothed out and mellowed by years and years of aging. (Some of the bales were so old that the ink on the tag had worn off.)

Fried Apple Pie is toro sized phenom. Medium strength and full bodied, it's wrapped in a rustic Habano leaf that is about 12 years old. We're gonna keep the fillers a closely guarded secret!

First light cascades over the palate. Flavors of leather and cream start the party. Notes of bread and baking spices slowly swell up together. Gentle cinnamon and slight saltiness on the finish (Tastes like some Cuban tobacco from Pinar del Rio I had recently). Retrohale brings brilliant warmth and sophistication to the blend.

After an inch, a beautiful buttery creaminess emerges. The finish is long and clean with notes of vanilla and raw cashew. Cedar notes linger balancing the blend perfectly.

Just before the halfway point, the flavors evolve into something that leaves me speechless. I just look at the cigar in awe every time I smoke it. Fried Apple Pie is an absolute show stopper! 

The sweetness of white sugar and a gentle fruit note appear (more pronounced in the retrohale). The vanilla becomes more dominant, blending with the heavy cream in such a way that it tastes like vanilla ice cream. 

The final third the richness and body continue to grow. This cigar gets better and better as it's smoked. Additional notes of anise and cocoa emerge. Blasts of white pepper tickle the tongue. The old age of the tobacco is tasted throughout.

We would not be surprised if Fried Apple Pie is your new favorite Ezra Zion! The uniqueness of the blend set it apart from any other cigar we've ever smoked.

I'll say it LOUD and CLEAR because we get emails from everyone after they're gone...You're gonna wish you'd bought more than you did! Believe me!

These will be SOLD OUT fast. You know it's true. Getcha some NOW as fast as you can!

Total Production: 770 

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