Fried Chicken Xtra Crispy

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The second release in the Fried Chicken line is finally here! Fried Chicken Xtra Crispy!

Fried Chicken was the very first small batch cigar we ever released. It took two years to release the next Fried Chicken blend...because once we had the blend just right we wanted to see what would happen if we just aged it for years!

Fried Chicken Xtra Crispy is a Nicaraguan puro. We found the smoothest Corojo Rosado wrapper you've ever seen. It's like the Mona Lisa of tobacco leaves. Virtually no veins on it. Perfection!

The first taste explodes onto the palate with dark roasted coffee beans, butter cream, and toffee. Earthy and leathery notes slowly build each subsequent puff. Faint notes of licorice and hops appear. The retrohale is a bold black pepper spice!

As it progresses, the retrohale turns into a freakin' slice of Heaven. I don't even know how to describe the flavors, but it's spicy, caramel-y, and vintage-y. The extra aging of this already vintage tobacco has turned this blend into perhaps the best cigar we've ever done!

Halfway through, the leather notes begins to elevate. A dark sweetness like a chocolate milkshake appears. Subtle hints of clove and cinnamon tingle the edges of the tongue. Spanish cedar lingers on the finish. Absolutely amazing!

The last third is masterful. The burn is cool. Everything intensifies beautifully. Fried Chicken Xtra Crispy starts off with bold elegant flavors and continues to build on them until the very end. You'll be grabbing your cigar pick to smoke this down to the very nub!

Bottom line. I love this cigar! We've been waiting so long to release it and now it feels like Christmas morning and we finally get to open all presents we've been staring at for so long. 

Fried Chicken Xtra Crispy is a top shelf cigar of the highest order. I've smoked $20-$30 cigars that can't hold a candle to it. Believe me!

These will SELL OUT fast! You'll be wishing you'd bought more. Getcha some while you can and getcha some NOW!

Total Production: 610  // Shipping begins 5-15

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