Jamais 2 Cigar & Coffee Sampler

Jamais 2 Cigar & Coffee Sampler

Ezra Zion

$ 49.99

Jamais Vu Coffee was blended specifically to pair with our Jamais Vu cigar. Honestly, they go together better than PB&J.

The feedback we got from the folks on the pairing was amazing...when they could get a Jamais Vu cigar in their area. 

That led us to the creation of the Jamais 2! We blended the Jamais 2 to taste and smoke just like it's big brother Jamais Vu. Same blend recipe BUT different tobacco primings (think Drew Estate Undercrown and Liga Privada).

The result was better than we expected! If you're a coffee and cigar aficionado like us, you're gonna need to getcha some!

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