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The legendary Original NAUGHTY BITS Blend is finally back!

After nearly 3 years...one of the ultimate Ezra Zion unicorn cigars is here for the Ezra Zion Nation!

We come across a wide array of tobacco in our line of work. The NAUGHTY BITS project was all about taking the sweetest and the creamiest....and making a blend that tastes like candy!

But...we could only get a small amount of the extremely rare tobaccos used in the NAUGHTY BITS blend recipe--the stuff just doesn't exist anymore! So we were only able to make a micro-batch of just 355 cigars!

So, yeah, it's insanely limited!

NAUGHTY BITS is full-bodied, medium-strength short lancero. Wrapper is a 10-year-aged Corojo 99 leaf, and it's loaded with the most "candy-like" tobacco we've ever smoked. Binder/filler tobaccos will remain secret. 

First light is unbelievable! Big flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla bean, and waffle cone rush over the palate. They finish with a smooth creamy leather with notes of red oak. Hints of all-spice and cinnamon. Retrohale is warm and gently spicy adding a beautiful floral note to the overall blend.

As it progresses, white pepper tingles the tip of the tongue. A nutty note that tastes like toasted macadamias emerges. Overall sweetness takes on a caramel and toffee flavor. Some might say it tastes kinda like Almond Roca.

Halfway through, just the right amount of coffee comes to the forefront, keeping the balance perfectly. The cream lingers longer and longer on the finish. Apple wood is detected about 60 seconds after each puff.

Flavors crescendo on the last third. Everything intensifies! Retrohale has a gorgeous cayenne pepper burn. More waves of nougat, vanilla bean, and walnut. Espresso and cream emerge. It perfectly balances the complexity and sweetness of the other flavors. Amazing!

A word of caution: You will burn your fingers and/or lips on this cigar! It smokes so perfectly down to the nub that it's hard to put down and come to terms with the fact that it's finished. Trust me...I know from experience!

I'm not gonna lie...we've put a couple of these in our personal stash. And no, you can't have those. You'll have get some for yourself now.

I guarantee you that NAUGHTY BITS will be SOLD OUT so fast it'll make a grown man cry. Sincerest apologies to those who miss it! We always try to let everyone know ASAP whenever there's a new release. (Make sure to join our text notifications by texting EzraZion to 31996.)

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