Naughty Bits Coffee

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Naughty Bits Coffee is a full bodied and dark roasted cup of magic!

We made an exceptional blend from 100% organic single origin beans--each from private organic coffee plantations. The artisan quality of the coffee can be tasted in each cup!

It's sophisticated...but raucous at the same time! 

Naughty Bits Coffee is meticulously roasted to maintain the complex flavors inherent in the bean. Much like's important to maintain a balance of flavors to truly elevate the coffee to it's full expression.

The flavors are bold and in your face. They include woodsy notes, earth, and caramelized sugar. Subtle hints of dark chocolate. 

It's a fabulous coffee that we highly recommend with maduro wrapped cigars. It's an unbelievable pairing that you will absolutely adore.

Naughty Bits Coffee will redefine what a bold dark roast truly is....and what it can be! This is a very limited and very special blend of coffee. Get Naughty Bits Coffee while it lasts. Once it's'll have to settle for Starbucks.

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