Oak & Eden Bourbon Blend Cigar

Product image 1Oak & Eden Bourbon Blend Cigar
Product image 2Oak & Eden Bourbon Blend Cigar
Product image 3Oak & Eden Bourbon Blend Cigar
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Today is an historic day for cigar and whiskey lovers alike!

I'm searching for just the right adjective: epic...colossal...monumental. They all seem to fall just a little short. 

Get ready for some freakin' magic! The complexity and flavors in this cigar will knock your ever-lovin' socks off!

Oak & Eden Bourbon Blend is a showcase of the best rare tobaccos we have! The tobacco in the Oak & Eden Bourbon Blend is from crop years 2007-2009. That means it's between 9-11 years old

These are vintage leaves that some folks would kill to get their hands on! But for the inaugural Oak & Eden cigar...we had to go into the inner sanctum bring our absolute A-game! 

Oak & Eden Bourbon Blend is a full-bodied, medium-strength gran robusto. It was blended specifically to pair with Oak & Eden bourbon. (Which you can get here.

Each box features a toasted oak spire, the same spire we put into every bottle of Oak & Eden Whiskey!

First light makes an immediate impression with milk chocolate, oak wood, and custard cream flavors. Leather and almond immediately appear complimented by hints of chili pepper. Retrohale adds a cinnamon note to the mix. 

As it progresses, the age of the tobacco really shows in the richness and elegance of the cigar. The flavors are so smooth and deep. The creaminess of the chocolate begins to taste like chocolate pudding. Subtle spicy notes of clove and black pepper bring perfect balance. 

Halfway, the flavors become very creamy. Dark chocolate truffle, cedar, and whiskey emerge. The finish is long and adds notes of whipped cream. (I can't remember when I've enjoyed a cigar more!)

Last third is completely astounding! The flavors become even more intense and delicious! Creamed coffee, mocha, vanilla bean, and raw sugar become dominate. The leathery body rounds everything out and blasts of caramel, dark beer, and sugar cookie (don't know how else to describe this) make their entrance. Completely phenomenal cigar!!

You WILL smoke this until you burn your lips! 

Oak & Eden Bourbon Blend is a profound and monumental cigar in the Ezra Zion cigar anthology! It may be our best blend to date!

These will be SOLD OUT very fast! But a few boxes of these and save them for special occasions! The tobacco for these is all gone so these are a one time only release! Don't miss them! Getcha Some NOW!

Total Production: 192 Boxes

NOTE: Cigar is NOT infused with whiskey!

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