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Old-Fashioned Donut

$ 64.95

Old-Fashioned Donut is the most delectable and luscious cigar we've ever made--and that's saying a lot!

The caliber of tobaccos we're getting our hands on...and the extra finishing techniques we're experimenting with at EZHQ are blowing our minds!

The dimension of flavors and range of complexity are beyond anything we've done to this point. 

Old-Fashioned Donut is a full-bodied, medium strength toro made using tobaccos ranging from 5-9 years old. Tobaccos are visos and ligeros from Nicaragua, Indonesia, Ecuador, and other places. :)

First light is a blast of vanilla, buttercream, raw sugar, and cinnamon. Hints of oak barrel balance the creamy and sweet notes. The finish lingers long adding more vanilla and leather. Retrohale is strong with a black pepper burn.

As it progresses, big caramel notes with hints of cocoa, nutmeg, and cashew emerge. The finish is buttery, smooth, and delicious! 

Halfway, amaretto liqueur flavors appear. White pepper, nougat, and cedar. Finish tastes like cake frosting. Phenomenal! 

Last third, everything goes off the charts! The intensity of flavors increases. Colossal milk chocolate, marshmallow, and glazed sugar are detected. The refinement and complexity are absolutely awe-inspiring!

My friends, Old-Fashioned Donut is so'll want to eat it! (But we don't recommend that.)

Seriously, get yourself a cup of coffee, light up Old-Fashioned Donut, and get ready for the ride of your life! It's a revolutionary cigar that you will be smoking until you burn your lips--and then you'll light up another one!

Old-Fashioned Donut will be SOLD OUT in probably minutes! Our sincerest apologies to everyone who misses it. The tobaccos in this cigar are so rare...once these are gone, they're gone for good! Do Not Wait! Hurry and Getcha Some!

Total Production: 650

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