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Olde Ezra's White Ale

$ 59.95

Time for another round!

Olde Ezra's White Ale is a very aromatic blend. The stars of the show are the mix of spices (coriander, cinnamon, white pepper) and citrus (orange peel and grapefruit). Our usual flavor profile is heavy on chocolate, coffee, and cream. On this project, we wanted to stretch beyond our comfort zone--using some exotic tobaccos--and create something really unique.

At first light, warm creamy pepper explodes onto the palate. Tingles of cinnamon and cardamom follow closely on the edges of the tongue. The core ale flavors of wheat, leather, and noble hops are prevalent throughout, riding a wave of soft lingering creaminess. 

As it progresses, a slight dry champagne flavor emerges complimented by citrus notes of orange peel and a grapefruit finish. Gentle malty-sweetness with blasts of honey sprinkled here and there. Oak barrel flavor balances the blend perfectly.

The spice notes are crisp, reminiscent of the sensation of highly carbonated beer. 

A 7x46 lancero gordo, it's medium bodied and medium strength. 

We raise our glasses high. This one is for you! CHEERS!

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