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Autumn is in full swing...and so are our Fall Ezra Zion Seasonal Releases!

We’ve been waiting all year to finally serve you up a heaping helping of PECAN PIE 2021 L.E.!

Our PECAN PIE releases over the last few years have become some of the most—if not THE most—popular “dessert-style” cigar that we make.

And it makes total sense...PECAN PIE is one of the most decadent and luscious cigars you could ever smoke!

We honestly didn’t think we could top the last Pecan Pie release from 2020. It was a show-stopper! But…I gotta tell ya, we never release a cigar until it meets our strict criteria of “ALWAYS BEING BETTER THAN THE LAST ONE!

The tobaccos in PECAN PIE 2021 L.E. are even more complex and more flavorful. The richness and depth are overwhelming. (Don't believe me...just wait until you smoke it!)

PECAN PIE 2021 L.E. is a full-bodied, full-strength 6.5x46 toro extra. Wrapper is a pristine Corojo Rosado leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos—as always—will remain a closely guarded secret. All tobaccos aged between 7-10 years!

First light is a massive wave of boldness. Brown sugar, spicy pepper, caramel, and nuttiness all hit the palate at once! Hints of Madagascar vanilla, butter, and wood immediately follow. Retrohale is strong and adds a peppery cinnamon burn.

As it progresses, maple syrup, clove, and nutmeg emerge. The finish is cocoa powder with hints of almond. The complexity and flavors continue to grow with each puff.

Halfway, the creaminess begins to build. Dark chocolate and black coffee develop. Finish begins to taste like Chocolate Porter beer balancing the sweetness of the other flavors. So amazing!

Last third, bigger chocolate flavors emerge. Cedar, espresso, and butter get stronger. The burn line is straight and true and it's cool all the way to the nub. (Don't be surprised if you light up another one immediately after you finish smoking one!)

PECAN PIE 2021 L.E. is one of the most delicious dessert cigars we’ve ever made at Ezra Zion. You are going to absolutely love it!

PECAN PIE 2021 L.E. will be SOLD OUT really, really fast! Our very sincerest apologies to those who miss it! We try to let everyone know ASAP whenever there's a new release. (Make sure to join our text notifications by texting EzraZion to 817-242-4777.)

Make sure you don’t miss this one! If you do miss it, my advice is to beg and plead with your buddy who got some ...and buy one off him for $100. It's worth every penny!

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