POTUS Trump or Hillary VOTE 2016

$ 59.95

It's time to VOTE!

The POTUS (President of the United States) Project has been in the works since March. We wanted to create a blend to smoke on Election Night whether your candidate wins or loses.

We decided to have a little fun with it though...here's how it works:

Each cigar is a vote! Pick either Trump, Hillary, or vote 3rd Party by choosing Ezra Zion. Yes, we're throwing our hat in the ring! So a 5 Pack for Trump is 5 votes for Trump. A 10 Pack for Hillary is 10 votes for Hillary. etc. etc.

Your POTUS cigars will be banded with the candidate of your choice, and will be shipped in time for you to smoke on election night!

The winner will be announced later in the week!

Now on to the good stuff...POTUS is a full bodied, full strength masterpiece!

POTUS starts with a blast of dark chocolate on the light and a rush or black pepper through the nose. The medio tiempo ligero in this cigar will bring a tear to the eye.

Beautiful earthy and floral notes wash over the palate with a strong note of cedar balanced with a licorice sweetness. 

As it progresses, POTUS rounds out with an aged leather overtone complimented perfectly by flavors of full-bodied Merlot wine.

At the finish, the flavors heighten but the cigar remains cool. Densely packed with a perfect draw, the construction is impeccable!

POTUS was meticulously blended to be the ultimate celebration cigar! Some of our finest full-bodied tobacco work!

God Bless America!

Total Production: 350

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