Rookie Cards

$ 59.95

What happens when a blend is refined and improved on for 6 years? You get one of the best cigars you've ever smoked! Period!

Rookie Cards is a blend recipe we created back before we even launched our company in 2012. It's one of the oldest Ezra blends...pre-dating even Inception!

Hence, the name Rookie Cards!

The difference with Rookie Cards is that we've been working on it throughout the years to be our 5 or 10 year anniversary blend. But, it finally got so phenomenal that it HAD to be released.

We just couldn't keep it for ourselves any longer!

Rookie cards is draped in a flawless, creamy Corojo 99 wrapper. It's from the same bales of tobacco we've been working from since before we had beards. 

Rookie Cards starts with a complex blast of caramel, honeycomb, milk chocolate, and candy. The undertones of leather and cedar follow closely to strike the perfect balance in the flavors.

As it progresses, whipped cream sweetness washes over the palate complimented by a warm red pepper flake spice through the nose. Amaretto and scotch notes begin to emerge on the finish. 

At the halfway point, cappuccino and cane sugar are introduced adding even more to the overall complexity. The cigar finishes with a woodsy addition as it stays cool and lip-smackingly smooth.  

Each 5 Pack of Rookie Cards will come with a 1979 Topps replica of Chris Kelly and a 1987 Topps replica of Kyle Hoover. These were manufactured by the Topps Company specifically for this project. 

Every cigar is wrapped in a custom Ezra Zion mini-pennant. 

Rookie Cards is the smoothest, most sophisticated cigar in the Ezra Zion portfolio. It's for the accomplished smoker who can appreciate a true "unicorn" cigar!

Total Production: 505

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