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We love doing nostalgic projects that take us back to the good ol' days! Rookie Cards, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Punkin' Pie...these were all inspired by great memories from days gone by.

ROOT BEER FLOAT 2020 is a retro-styled cigar that utilizes vintage tobaccos and is blended in a very Cubanesque profile. It's retro in it's packaging, retro in it's tobaccos, and retro in it's *amazing* blend profile. 

We know Ezra has a (very well deserved) reputation for strong, in-your-face cigars...and we love those! But, sometimes we like to change it up and really do something very unique and special.

ROOT BEER FLOAT 2020 is a full-bodied, medium-strength 6.5x54 belicoso. The wrapper is a 9-year-aged Corojo 99 rosado leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret. But all tobaccos are aged between 8-10 years!

First light is a wave of creamy vanilla, leather, spice, and fresh brewed coffee. Maple syrup sweetness with hints of cinnamon. Retrohale adds a warming pepper burn. The finish is long and clean.

As it progresses, notes of white frosting and milk chocolate emerge. Hints of oak barrel, brown sugar, and a subtle black pepper are tasted. Big vanilla blast on the finish.

Halfway the body of the cigar begins to strengthen. Notes of honey, cocoa, heavy whipping cream and molasses. The pepper grows into a red pepper with a greater bite. The richness and depth of the tobacco increases tremendously.

Last third the blend rounds out and becomes velvety smooth. Licorice, clove, and caramel appear. Additional hints of nutmeg and almond. So complex and delish!

What can I say? ROOT BEER FLOAT 2020 is amazing! A phenomenal vintage project made with vintage tobaccos

ROOT BEER FLOAT 2020 will be SOLD OUT very quickly! Our sincerest apologies to everyone who misses it! (Make sure to join our text notifications by texting EzraZion to 31996.) 

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