SPIKED EGGNOG Special Edition ‘22

Product image 1SPIKED EGGNOG Special Edition ‘22
Product image 2SPIKED EGGNOG Special Edition ‘22

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

As finish out with the Ezra Zion Holiday releases...we are ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC to release a blend to you that we’ve been working on for well over 6 years!

Yes, it’s taken that long to get this blend exactly perfect! But at long last...here for your smoking enjoyment (and Christmas cheer) is SPIKED EGGNOG Special Edition ‘22!

Ok, you’re gonna want the backstory. So here goes...

Growing up, one of the things we looked forward to every year at Christmastime was the Eggnog. The stuff was amazing! Extremely creamy and “custard-y” with a delicious mix of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. The richness coated the palate with such decadent flavors! 

And then (when you’re an adult) you get to “Spike” that Eggnog with some bourbon, or brandy, or rum. And everything goes to a whole new level of AWESOME!

So, yes, this is a nostalgic cigar creation!

I know we use a variety of rare and aged tobaccos...but to get the flavors we wanted in SPIKED EGGNOG Special Edition ‘22, we had to use some VERY rare and exotic tobaccos!

You’re gonna absolutely LOVE it!

SPIKED EGGNOG Special Edition ‘22 is a full-bodied, med/full-strength 5.5x50 short-toro. Wrapper is an 11-year-aged Colorado wrapper. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret...But they are all 7-14 years aged!

First light is a complex blast of custard, vanilla bean, caramel, honeycomb, milk chocolate, and red pepper. Undertones of nutmeg and leather follow closely and strike the perfect balance in the flavors. The retrohale is strong adding a warming cinnamon burn. 

As it progresses, whipped cream and mocha emerge. Big notes of vanilla ice cream appear with hints of clove and white pepper on the finish. 

At the halfway point, the blend rounds out. Dark chocolate, sweet tea, cinnamon stick, and bourbon emerge. The body of the cigar becomes toastier. The flavor complexity is so amazing that it's hard to describe.

Last third, everything intensifies! Unbelievable flavors of brown sugar, maple wood, and graham cracker begin to develop. Hints of all-spice and black pepper add subtle spiciness. A chocolate buttercream frosting sweetness follows. 

You WILL smoke this down to the nub of the nub! Guaranteed!

SPIKED EGGNOG Special Edition ‘22 is one of our personal favorite blends of all time. To us...it may be the perfect blend! This is definitely for the accomplished smoker who can appreciate a true "unicorn" level smoke!

SPIKED EGGNOG Special Edition ‘22 will be SOLD OUT very fast! Apologies to those who miss it. (Be sure to join our text notifications by texting EzraZion to 817-391-9271.) 

Take my advice: Get this quick and whatever you were gonna order...double it! If you only get one cigar this year...make it this one!

Merry Christmas & Getcha Some NOW!

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