Ugly Christmas Sweater Coffee Sampler

Ugly Christmas Sweater Coffee Sampler

Ezra Zion

$ 57.95

The greatest gift you can ever give is Ezra Zion cigars and coffee! And especially if it's a gift for yourself! 

For the first time, we're offering our Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016 cigar in a sampler with our limited edition Organic Christmas Blend 2016 coffee!

I've paired this cigar with this coffee, and I really can't oversell how unbelievable it is! Really, there is literally nothing that could hype this sampler beyond it's ability to deliver.

Organic Christmas Blend 2016 is 100% Organic Peruvian & Guatemalan arabica beans. The best of the best!

Ugly Christmas Sweater is the soon to be first 100-rating ever received by Ezra Zion (if there's any justice in the world)! Perhaps our finest work!

This is the ultimate Christmas cigar and coffee sampler. You will undoubtably have the Merriest Christmas of your life smoking and drinking this!

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