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Father's Day is a big deal to us here at Ezra Zion. As fathers ourselves, it's a great day to smoke, eat steak, relax...oh, and smoke some more!

Because of that, we decided that we'd reach way into the super secret Ezra Zion vault and make a handful of the rarest Ezra Zion Certified Unicorn™ cigars available. We don't have many, but we wanted to share the love.

Dads Dig Ezra Sampler includes:

Burnt Ends: The second App release ever. Amazingly rare cigar! A unicorn of unicorns!

Original Cigar Wars! Kyle Blend: Yes, Kyle had some of these made for his own personal collection. His signature private blend.

Olde Ezra's White Ale: Insanely popular cigar from our Microbrew Series! You know Dads want beer! We have just a handful left on earth. Tobacco is gone :(

All My EX's Maduro: A highly rated core line release that if you haven't smoked, you need to immediately! So freakin' good!

Cigar Wars! Chris Blend: I hate to keep saying that we are down to the last little bit of all of these blends, but it's really the truth. We have a couple bundles of these left. 

We don't have a lot of these cigars so we will only have a few of the Dads Dig Ezra Samplers available. Still, we wanted to make it a special day for all the Dads out there that we could.

If you are a Dad, have a Dad, or have ever met a Dad, you'll love the Dads Dig Ezra Sampler!

Happy Father's Day!

NOTE: 10 Packs = 2 of each cigar. 20 Packs = 4 of each cigar.

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